fun&fancy Window Color

Tips & Ideas


Window Color images should only be attached to or peeled off window glass at moderate temperatures.

Ensure that the Window Color contour lines are gapless to prevent tearing of the image when peeling.

Use a cutter or scissors for easy corrections on the dried images.

Any spilled Window Color on textiles, carpeting, etc. must be removed immediately with soap and warm water to prevent stains. Once dried in, the stain will be almost indelible.

Beautiful transparent, high-gloss effects are achieved when painting and/or applying Window Color directly onto a canvas primed with white. This style gives a striking contrast between thick or thin applications - particularly suitable for abstract motifs!

With a cocktail stick or toothpick, you can easily paint very small areas with Window Color. For marble effects, you can use the cocktail stick, too. Simply apply two or more colours and mix them with the stick until you get the desired effect. If you stir the paints a little longer, you can get beautiful mixed shades.

Bottles should always be stored with the caps tightly closed and in a cool, dry place. It is also an advantage if the bottles can be stored upside down to prevent air bubbles from forming. The Window Color colours can then be used immediately and right up to the last drop!

If the transparent Window Color picture loses adhesion after it has been applied several times, just wet the picture with water from the reverse side and it will stick very well again.

It is important that you stick to the drying time of 24 hours. Plastic films made of polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP), such as the special transparent films offered by Marabu or transparent pockets are ideal. Films made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are unsuitable.

The best way of storing motifs is in a transparent plastic film. Do not insert a sheet of paper between the film and the motif, as the motif will stick to it. Care must be taken when storing several motifs to ensure they are separated or they will stick together. Several colour shades such as white, crystal clear and frost tend to turn yellow over time due to the plasticisers contained in the transparent film. After the motifs have been re-applied to a surface, however, these shades should return to normal. If a motif will not stick just moisten it slightly with a damp cloth.


Create decorative effects by sprinkling glitter particles or fine pearls into the wet colour.

The drawing tips (sold separately) allow you to create extra fine lines and details.

Finished motifs can be additionally decorated with the Glitter Liner or Metallic Liner by Marabu.

You can create cheerful fish using Window Color to decorate smooth bathroom surfaces.

You can also decorate your everyday-porcelain and glasses for a special occasion with Window Color, for example with Chinese motives.